We Are Leather Nomads

Leather Nomads positions itself as an elite brand in handcrafted leather products & desk accessories. With over three decades of family-owned & operated tannery business, we pride ourselves on being an expert in understanding the fine lines of leather-making art.  

Our journey begins in the summer of the year 2020, a year stricken with a global pandemic that brought challenges of its own yet laid the groundwork for our humble beginnings as markets around the world needed to optimize themselves according to the need, It is at this point we decided to go direct to the consumer instead of relying on middlemen to guarantee the continuation of the family business. Starting with a limited catalog we decided to emphasize the quality aspect of our product rather than scaling the production. This helped us to concentrate more on one product & delivering to our customers the best of artisanship & thus we launched the desk pads as our first product. Over the past two years, we have aced the practice of in-house manufacturing with skillful workers committed to quality, precision & detailing.

Today Leather Nomads is completely focused on innovation-driven growth to showcase & design elegant leather products from desk accessories & bags to shoes & chamois. Our Aim is to touch every aspect of your professional work life with our quality products at the center of it all.

We look forward to our customers visiting Leather Nomads’ online store where a range of excellent products await you.

Mission Statement:
Leather is our passion & we strive to deliver that passion to our customers through our products.

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