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      Hey there

      we are leather nomads

      We are a leather manufacturers' cooperative who got tired of the middlemen brands and decided to go manufacturer to consumer

      Our promise is to make what was once exclusive, inclusive. And no cutting corners along the process

      key points

      How are we different

      Full Grain Leather

      In the leather world, full grain leather is the best type of leather money can buy. We use it to make all our mats. Beware of fake leather, if you see PU, PVC, vegan and bonded leather, know that they are fancy names for fake leather

      Carbon Neutral

      We offset 100% of the carbon footprint of ALL ORDERS. That means for every shipment, we neutralize the carbon output with a positive environmental impact through our partnership with EcoCart


      Our products were out of reach for most people with the traditional retail model. With us going manufacturer to consumer, we are able to sale at a lower price than the average retailers and we pass on the savings to the customers


      The only leather desktop mat that is certified for prolonged skin contact (We test for formaldehyde and other volatile material traces). All our leather has been certified by Dr. Eber Clever Consultants from Germany

      you get

      what’s inside
      the box

      Leather Cup Coaster

      We've also included 1 leather coaster to place under your coffee mugs, cups or bottles as you work through the days and nights. Helping you keep your workstation clean and tidy.

      Genuine Chamois

      Chamois is traditionally used to clean diamonds and high end luxury cars. Each box contains 2 chamois leather, used to clean your most precious items. From LCDs' to lenses, once you use our leather chamois to wipe your screens, you'll never go back to anything else.

      A leather desktop mat

      Safe, non-PU, non-PVC, non-Faux, non-artificial leather desktop mat handcrafted from the finest full grain leather. Our leather desktop matts are the missing piece to spice up and organize their workspace.


      Why Choose us

      We built this product for You

      f a q

      common questions

      Yes, our leather is full grain and is sturdy enough to resist the pointy edge of the pen while serving as a cushion on top of your desk

      No, but just make sure that you wipe it off with a wet cloth as soon as possible,this will ensure that there is no marks left behind

      If you have experienced leather that smells bad, that’s because of the chemicals used. We tan our leather through a semi-vegetable tanning process and developed with Dr.Eberle, a way to produce high quality leather without the excessive use of chemicals

      It’s real leather so after unfolding it, it needs a couple of days to become flat

      It’s better that you use the chamois leather for wiping dust and lint off of your screens but if you wash it, make sure you follow chamois care guidelines that could be found online for best results

      Full grain leather has the unique ability of absorbing a lot of heat. You can even try to lighting up the surface with lighter and it will not catch fire (synthetic leather on the other hand will catch fire).

      Firstly we like to use the word sustainable as it’s more encompassing of the bigger picture. One of the biggest misconceptions is that people thing synthetic leather and the likes which are made of non-renewable resources are more sustainable, anybody who looks more in to the bigger picture, realizes that it is not true. For more information check out our sustainability page

      don't just take

      Our word for it, here are some more reviews